Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lame post about lots of mountains

The paper says yes
As I recover from a very long work week, I realized I missed posting about a whole lot of hikes. A whole bunch.  And the AT too.  It was not like I was so busy outside, but with school starting, a sick cat (mostly, he is just a jerk), and work, all my free time has been resting or planning. And a night or two with some Hooliganz.  And being sick. I mean really, do we need to have a new infectious plague every week?  At some point my liver will run on Vitamin I.  It is a short week, so maybe I will have energy, while preparing to go to Maine and break out the trail to South Crocker.  Again.  UGH.

Yeah, lots happened.  

The AT (I have friends with good phones)

That's Moxie Bald you damn defacing thrubies 

Flags on the 48 (Halfway up courtesy of Casey)

Finished Baxter 4Ks on North Brother

Mansfield (awesome shots courtesy of Alvaro)

breaking trail in October (not quite South Crocker)

I have the rest of the Maine 4Ks and Ellen/Camels Hump in Vermont to finish the 67.  I can do it by my birthday.  If the logging roads are open Thursday/Friday.  If not, I am going to have some long ass trips, possibly involving camping in winter.  I can do this.  I better stock up on 5hr energy and coffee.

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